Standing Council Committees are comprised of three Council Members with one designated as Chairperson.  The Mayor is an ex-officio member of each committee. The Committees will meet as needed.




The general function of Standing Committees is to study issues and make policy proposals to the City Council.  The committee structure is especially useful on complex, time-consuming, or controversial matters.


Council Committees are not supervisory, and have no official powers.  The Mayor may ask for advice on administrative matters, but is not bound to follow Committee recommendations.  Council Committees will review respective departmental budget requests in preparation of the annual budget.


Not all matters that come before the City Council must first be considered in committee.  In fact, Committee consideration and action is more the exception than the rule.  Committee assignment will be made by the Mayor and Council upon need.




Council Committees must follow the Iowa Open Meetings Law.  Only items publicized in the posted agenda of the meeting (24 Hours Before Meeting Time) can be acted upon.

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